Four out of five graduate students do not find current career services to be helpful for gaining industry exposure. With less than a quarter of PhD graduates predicted to secure full-time, academic positions, creating the proper education infrastructure to transition students from academia into industry will be vital towards retaining talent that took years to nurture.

At Industry Link, we are designing novel programs to provide graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with opportunities to gain first-hand experiences in the local industry. 


Industry Link Company Tours will bring graduate students inside local health science organizations to visit the workplace, form connections with employees, and experience company culture first-hand. In return, companies may gain direct access to a large pool of talent for future employment. 


Industry Link Part-Time Internship are unique work or volunteer placements that may run in conjunction with the student’s academic research. Therefore, there will be no compromise on academic productivity in order to gain valuable industry experience. As a result, we believe this will:

  1. Overcome the resistance that graduate supervisors previously had for full-time internships, increasing the pool of eligible talent for companies to select from.

  2. Serve as low-cost opportunities to screen for potential candidates of employment.

All part-time internships are currently filled, please check back soon for updates! 


industry link Coffee Chats

Industry Link Coffee Chats program will provide graduate students with first-hand opportunities to intimately network with industry leaders in more casual, interactive settings, such as local coffee shops or bars. Students will be able to learn, practice, and apply the essential skills required to “informational interview” with employers.


AIM is a multi-university careers conference that will provide a forum for up to 200 graduate students, faculty, and industry professionals to share career advice, discuss the future of the life science industry, and network. This meeting took place on March 3rd, 2018 at McMaster Innovation Park. 

  1. Expose graduate students to exciting industry careers options and equip them with relevant information and skills.

  2. Discuss potential career opportunities in the health science industry, and how graduate students can best prepare themselves for these careers.

  3. Provide companies a cost-effective platform to screen and recruit strong candidates for companies during the information fair, and an opportunity for students to network and form partnerships with industry professionals.